Thursday, July 30, 2009

No Brainer

A Face Book poll called "The Smokeless Cigarette" has been created.

The question reads:

An artificial cigarette is invented that produces no first- or second-hand smoke; and 10000+ smokers try it, stop using tobacco, and stop wheezing and coughing. Should the invention be PULLED OFF THE MARKET until it can be proven safe and effective?


When put in this way, it sounds insane, doesn't it? It is utterly astonishing that the the American Lung Association joined with the Cancer Society, Heart Assn, and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids to prevail on the FDA to take electronic cigarettes off the market!

No doubt, they mean well, but they will cause untold harm if they get their way.

They say that electronic cigarettes have not been proven safe and effective. Well, more than 12,000 people have signed a petition asking the FDA to keep these available. Read some of the comments. You will see story after story. People are able to substitute inhaling vaporized nicotine from an electronic cigarette for some or all of their tobacco cigarettes. Many are reporting improved health. Even their doctors agree! You can see the petition and the signatures at,

So the users say that they ARE effective. Who would know better? As for safe, unless the CDC, FDA, AMA, ALA, ACS, AHA, etc, have been telling us big fat whoppers all these years about the dangers of tobacco smoking, just about ANYTHING would be safer to be using instead, no?

There are still 40+ million American smokers, many of whom would give up tobacco in an eye-blink if they knew that there is something out there that will allow them to do so without giving up being a productive, functioning, happy human being.

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  1. I agree with you on everything you said. Why would the FDA want to ban a device that could save millions of smokers lives, and increase the quality of life for millions of others who are exposed to second hand smoke. The FDA should not be trying to ban the e-cigarette, they should be promoting it.

    Johnny Blaze
    Electronic Cigarette Smoke Juice Supplier